by Virgil W Bratton      

Grandpa and Grandma said: 
"Write down your life and your life will change."

I wrote down my life, and my life changed.  Hello, I'm Virgil W Bratton, author of Ramblings.  I wrote this book with the hope that there may be something in my journey that will be of benefit to your own life.

About the Author
He is a Vietnam Veteran an he was born in Eugene, Oregon, U.S.A. He lived in Queensland, Australia, from age 8 until the age of nineteen.

About my latest book, Ramblings

The book is a personal insight into the Authors personal feelings during his life,until about the year 2000.One poem Unsurety was written January 2010.





Ramblings is a book of personal insights by the author.

Virgil W Bratton was inspired to write this book by his grandparents Donald Warner Conrad and his spouse Audrey Marie Griffin Conrad a descendant of Pioneers of the Oregon Trail and Audrey Griffin was raised in Josephine County Oregon.

Virgil Bratton was born March 1 1947 in Lane County, Eugene, Oregon, U.S.A.

Virgil lived and went to school in that area until may of 1955.

At that time his father was offered employment in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia as an electrical linesman and was guaranteed employment for seven years. This opportunity has been realized by Virgil's parents as they still reside in Cunnamulla, Queensland, Australia along with his five sisters who also reside in different parts of Australia and two brothers who reside in Oregon State.

In the early part of 1966 the author returned to the United States of America to further his education with intent of applying for scholarships at Educational Facilities in Oregon State.

Shortly after his return to American soil Virgil received a draft notice for military service in Vietnam and instead of waiting to be drafted he enlisted in the Marine Corps and went through training at Marine Corp Recruit Depot, San Diego California Platoon 3069 and at Camp Pendleton California combat training in 1966.

He was then sent to Vietnam and served with 3d Battalion, 4th Marines, 3d Marine Division, Mike Company. His initial duty was as a combat soldier but volunteered to be Company Radioman. Virgil was seriously wounded about February 1967 and was unable to return to Vietnam after his recovery.

His tour of duty ended at Marine Barracks, Bremerton, WA on August 1 1969.

After his discharge and before his discharge Virgil had become an alcoholic and was unable to hold a job and was very angry and alone and couldn't understand why he was alone in the world

It wasn't until many years later that I had the courage to face reality and realize I was the maestro of my own fate and reached way down inside and through many emotions I released all the frustration, anger, and bitterness that was in my heart and soul.

It wasn't until many, many years after my discharge from the Marine Corps that I was diagnosed with exposure to agent orange, PTSD, short term memory loss, lack of instant recall and some dementia and like a lot of Vietnam Veterans we had to fight for years to be recognized as men and women who did what our Government asked us and trained us to do and many years to get recognized as Veterans with disabilities some physical and some mental.

I am one of those Veterans that has physical scars and mental issues

The inspiration ant the writing of this book was inspired by my grandparents when they first saw me after I went to live with them and suggested that if I wrote my feelings down on paper it would start the healing process. Over many years I have penned these words and now I hope they will inspire others to not be afraid to be constructive with their inner emotions and do it with truth and honesty and not with malicious actions toward any other person.


Virgil W Bratton


This book reflects times in my life when I was depressed and lonely.

Therefore the following are my personal thoughts and how I perceived my life during certain stages in my endeavor to pull my self out of my self pity.

Check out my Preview once in a while and let me know what you think.

There is also an E Book available to those of you who prefer to order in that manner.


Than you for visiting my Website and your interest in my Sonnet of Poetry.



Virgil W Bratton

             Recently I have had the pleasure of receiving feedback from readers of my Sonnet of Poetry Ramblings.

My friend Don finds it moving, truthful, honest and in some instances, blunt and brutal.

Also Don says it is written in away that he has never been aware of before and it is capable of moving people to seek their own form of reaching the goal of inner peace.

Another Reader finds it very emotional and down to earth. They also mentioned that it is very original and to the point, but also there is beauty and soul and heart poured into the writing of my poetry.

Libby Scantlebury from Toowomba, Queensland, Australia writes"Great book. Read every word and enjoyed it.

Heidi Robertson of  somewhere in Australia has commented that she has read some of it and loves it. Heidi also remarks that I have a lot of courage to put a very special and private part of me out in the world  for everyone to see so it may help someone else. Heidi Thinks it is wonderful and shows a lot of strength. She is proud to tell Everyone  her Uncle has written it.

Leta thanked me for my Ramblings book and enjoyed reading it and says "well done."

Would like to hear more from  Readers of Ramblings.

My E-mail address is ausdrover66@yahoo.com